The business units of HPC maintain the latest equipment and supporting software to compete in the arena of composite innovation.  On occasion a need arises whereby our engineers and production staff need to construct specific equipment for the task at hand.  These proprietary production process tools are a cornerstone to our competitive advantage.


  • Autoclaves (6’X10’) (5’X12’)
  • Vacuum Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)
  • High Pressure RTM
  • Filament Winding (thermoset and thermoplastic)
  • Foam Core Manufacturing
  • Transfer Molding
  • Heat Press
  • DiaphraGm, Bladder & Compression Molding (thermoset & thermoplastic)
  • Long Fiber Compression Molding
  • Roll Wrapping Cell with Capacity to 12’
  • Part Trimming & Machining
  • Eutectic Core Manufacturing
  • Hybrid Molding - (Combining Long Fiber Thermoplastic & Injection Molding)


  • CNC Pattern Cutters up to 24’ x 5’
  • (2) 7-Axis Faro Arms (one with scanner) Portable contact/non-contact measurement system
  • Multiple Vertical CNC Mills 3 to 6 - Axis
  • CNC Routers, 5 axis, up to 10’ x 5’
  • Full Service Machine and Fabrication Shop
  • X-ray Inspection/Developing Cell
  • Environmentally Controlled “Clean” Room
  • Portable Class 10,000 Clean Room